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Finding Momentum by Releasing the Brakes

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I don’t know about you but sometimes it feels as if I am moving forward with the emergency brake on (I get a bit of movement only to stall).  I start moving forward but then I slow down and sometimes even stop all together.  I try to get more acceleration, I try to go faster but alas, I am back at the place I started or if I am lucky I will have perhaps made a tiny bit of progress.  To live from our magic and power and to be successful we have to eventually gain momentum and the only way to gain momentum  is to RELEASE the brakes!

Momentum means strength and force gained by motion.  Momentum has serious magic in it!
How can we gain momentum in our own lives?

Things that block or stop us from getting momentum: 


Bad Habits

Fear of Failure

Fear of Success

Fear of Making the Wrong Decision


Self Doubt


The other day as I was running I realized that what feels like my easy flow has changed.  My normal has become much greater than before… the reason is momentum.  I run almost everyday, even if its for an extremely short time, however the consistency has made me stronger and improved my endurance.  I always say that a truth in one area is a truth in all areas, so if this is the case in running it can be the case in other areas of my life… all the areas that I am working I can create momentum.  How do we do this?

How to Release the Emergency Brake: 

Just start

What more can I say about staring except to share with you this wonderful quote by Geothe, “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”

Take Action-Do Something

Anyone who knows me knows that I can analyze till well after doomsday and this quality can seriously slow me down or even paralyze.  I like this quote my Abraham Lincoln “Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.” Action creates energy and energy attracts to you what you need and that creates momentum.  Even if the action doesn’t lead to the right place, it still sets magic in motion.

Affirm the Positive 

I know it well, I am moving forward and bang, there is that voice telling me it won’t work or I am not good enough.  We have to get to a place where we acknowledge the negative self talk and give it absolutely no power, no power to slow us down, no power that we believe in, no power.  Instead, we affirm it will work!  We can manifest our dreams!  We are creating momentum.

Visualize and Feelize

SEE the results you want, SEE where you desire to be and most importantly FEEL as if it has already manifested.

Acting it into Reality

Many of the spiritual masters talk about this…. Surround yourself internally with what you desire to create, ruminate on it, marinate in it, allow the change to happen.


Moving the body can do wonders to our whole beings including our brain and our moods.  Dance, run, bike, hike, practice yoga… whatever will get your juice flowing.  Feel stalled?  Bike ride or dance it out!

Rewards such as Chocolate

Sometimes the little kid in us just doesn’t want to do the work, so a bit of bargaining with the kid can help…. You can say to yourself, “I will do such and such every day and you can have a piece of chocolate after.”

Enjoy the Scenery of the Stall

If no matter what you do the stall continues you may as well love yourself and where you are while keeping your eyes on where you are going!

My wish is that we can all finally release the emergency brake by letting go of self limiting beliefs, and find that sweet spot where we gain the magic of momentum and velocity to manifest our goals and enjoy this most precious life…