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The Magic of Mistakes

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Often I am amazed at how many mistakes I can make in a year, in a month or even in an hour… from big to small, petty to powerful to everything in between.  It is easy to berate ourselves for our mistakes, however I am noticing that the harsher I am the less I am able to learn from my mistakes and make better choices the next time around.  The more I distance myself from the “mistake” and just hold it with awareness, humor and compassion the more I can create magic and hopefully not keep repeating the mistake over and over again.
My friend and mentor Jeff McBride says, “fail forward fast’.. which also means “fall forward fast”. In other words… you make it to your goal faster when you fail! Isn’t that great news?  It’s fabulous to fail!!!  Mistakes are one of the biggest ways that we learn.
The dictionary definition of the word mistake is: defective judgment, deficient knowledge, or carelessness, A misconception or misunderstanding, To understand wrongly; misinterpret,an error, fault or blunder in action, opinion, or judgment, to choose badly or incorrectly
Most of these defintions imply that a mistake is most certainly wrong.  It would be awesome and helpful to look at mistakes in a way that empowers us, instead of making us bad. Perhaps we can redefine a mistake as an action which produced an effect which taught us a valuable lesson.  Of course, sometimes we repeat the same mistake over and over again.. and this can only make us more angry at ourselves…
How can our mistakes become magic?  Magic is a type of extraordinary power. A power which can shift and transform reality in surprising and astonishing ways.  If our mistakes really were magic than they would shift our reality… maybe something would appear, or disappear or alchemically transform…perhaps a beneficial change of perception would guide us to a new door. This IS possible!  Our mistakes can “like magic” change our reality. It’s also possible just like mind reading that the mistake can give us the powers to read the future and follow our intuition.

There are indeed many different types of mistakes ranging from the really creative risk taking types to the kinds of mistakes we make because we don’t listen to our intuition or believe in ourselves.

I invite us all to try experiments where instead of getting angry or bypassing the mistake we utilize at least a few of the following steps.  I will try these steps as well and see what happens…..
Steps to Allow Mistakes to Create Magic
*Give your mistake space— no judging, only noticing.
*Love yourself and be compassionate and grateful that you made a choice even though it had an outcome which might have been hard or painful.
*Laugh at yourself (especially if its your 2nd, 3rd or 9th time repeating the same mistake) Our mistakes can make really great comedy writing.
*Write about why you made that decision.
*Figure out what you learned from the mistake.
*Take full responsibilty for your mistake (no blaming).
*Forgive yourself.
*Allow the mistake to transform you so that you can make better choices next time and attract to yourself even more magic and abundance. If the mistake had magic in it, what would it be? What would you like it to be?  Allow the magic to happen….


Wishing for you. many fun and fascinating mistakes, courage and confidence to make the needed changes so that your mistakes can ‘like MAGIC’ change and transform you and your life!