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Winter Holyday Magic and Fun

Posted in Blog Entries on December 17, 2009 by ericasodos

Welcome to the season of the lights within the dark!


Ahhhh.. we are now descending into the darkest time of the whole year, which is wonderfully full of  the holidays of light….. the beautiful twinkling of lights on the Christmas trees, the miracle of the oil to light the candles at Chanukah and the candle lighting of Kwanzaa.

The original Winter holiday is Winter Solstice, which is the longest night of the year.  From Winter Solstice onward the days will gradually grow longer and the nights will grow shorter.

And so the holidays are here in the darkest time bringing us light and welcoming the Sun’s return.  And what better way to find your way in the dark then with  candles, fire or pretty lights….

Many of the old traditions still remain over the years like honoring the Evergreen tree, which has been a tradition in many of the older festivals.

Mistletoe: The Druids regarded mistletoe as extremely sacred and Mistletoe was believed to have much healing power. To hang it over a mistletoedoorway or in a room was to offer goodwill to visitors.

Kissing under the mistletoe was considered a pledge of friendship.

Yule Log: Other traditions aren’t as well known…. such as burning a Yule log in your fire.  This tradition dates back  hundreds and hundreds of years and can be found in many places including Scandinavia, Ireland, Greece and Siberia.  Burning the Yule log was a celebration and offering and was believed to bring prosperity and protection.  The Yule log was not supposed to burn completely, instead a small bit was kept to start next years log.

Why not honor some of the real old magic at this time?  On December 21st 2009 is the Winter Solstice…. the longest night of the year!  You can put a Yule log into your fireplace with magical intention (and save a piece for next year), hang some mistletoe to bless your home and guests (or kiss them), and pay special honor to the lights which help light your way in the dark.  Have Fun, Happy Winter Solstice and all the other holidays and Welcome Back Sun!


Women Magicians

Posted in Blog Entries on July 25, 2009 by ericasodos

Okay, despite my confusion about technology I am ready to emerge into the world of the inspiring blog.  I have decided to have my second ever entry be about women magicians (or as they are sometimes called— magiciannes)  Some of you may have never seen or even heard of a woman performing magic, but there is a rich and unknown history of women in the conjuring arts.  There are not only many professional women magicians performing today, there are numerous women from the past.  Here are a few very famous women magicians from the past:

Adelaide Hermann


Adelaide Hermann started as an assistant to her husband Alexander Hermann.  After his death she continued performing and became a major success on her own.   Known as ‘The Queen of Magic’ she performed eleboratate illusion shows and she also was known for her Oriental act and her dancing.  One of the few magicians to perform the dangerous bullet catch.



Talma was known as the Queen of Coins. Though she had very small hands, she was one of the greatest coin manipulators ever.  Performed with her husband in the group “Le Roy, Talma & Bosco”

Suzy Wandas


Suzy Wandas was born into a family of magicians.  She was very inspired after seeing Talma who was another female magician perform.  Suzy Wandas was knows as the Lady with the Fairy Fingers for her amazing manipulation routines.  She had incredible grace and had developed a routine with a single card that out shone her peers.

Hope this information is inspiring to you and I look forward to writing for you again real soon!

Hello world!

Posted in Blog Entries on March 14, 2009 by ericasodos

Greetings!  This is my first official blog.  The look of this page will change within the next week when the designer with technical skill fixes it.  My blog will be filled with inspiring (hopefully), magical (what else is there) and thought provoking information.   So let’s start the discussion with asking the question, “Do you believe in Magic?”  What of course do I mean by magic?  One of my favorite definitions of magic is :  Magic is the projection of natural energies to produce needed effects.  And how could you not believe in that?