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Finding Magic Everywhere

Posted in 1 on February 16, 2010 by ericasodos

Magic.  How do you define magic?  To me there are many aspects to this delicious concept.   One definition of magic is that it is the ability to create reality, to move time and space using the elements or the power of one’s thoughts.  Another definition of magic is that it is something that takes us away from the “ordinary”.   Something that moves us, inspires or transforms.  People often say art is magic or a sunset is magic or the smile of baby….

This Winter I have really been experiencing the magic of ice in the outdoors.   All kinds of ice.

Thick hard sheets that completely and entirely cover a body of water.

Artistry in Ice

The stunning latticework that forms in sheets of ice.

Watching water and stones flow under a thin sheet of ice.

The many varied textures and formations of ice.


It is often an incorrect belief that during winter much of life is no longer alive.  Oh no! There are buds just waiting to bloom.  Pregnant with life.  And now I see this magic in ice.

Ice can completely cover a river while underneath the river is still flowing very strongly.   I can see the parallel for living.  How can such life be so active under what looks completely frozen and immobile?  Ice, which appears stagnate, is of course, continually in transformation.  What is waiting under the ice in our lives?  What is flowing passionately under the surface while on the outside it may seem like we are resting or sleeping?  What is melting away only to flow into something deliriously new and magical……

Yesterday I was walking on a lake covered in ice and my foot fell slightly through getting soaked…. ahhhhh!  The mysteries below are cracking through… My experience and epiphanies around ice have certainly taken me away from the ordinary.  They are moving and transforming me which is one of my definitions of magic.

May you see magic and awaken through the wonders of Winter– including by ice!


Sisters of Magic and Mystery

Posted in 1 on October 4, 2009 by ericasodos

Greetings and Happy Autumn to you!  Whew… it has been quite a few weeks.  I attended the ‘Sisters of Magic and Mystery’ at the Mcbride School of Magic.  The event was hosted by Abbi Mcbride.  It was so incredibly inspiring and I met some amazing ladies of magic.  One of the highlights for me was connecting with Luna Shimada who is a stunning and powerful performer.  We met for tea and she gave me some valuable feedback on my work which will help me immensely.


Sisters of Magic and Mystery

Sisters of Magic and Mystery

After Las Vegas I attended Magic in the Rockies which is a local magic convention and the only Magic Convention that I have ever been too.   And now I am busy performing a plethora of different types of gigs and getting ready for my upcoming Halloween Shows.

I would like to leave you with a question : How is women’s magic different then men’s magic?

A quote I have heard numerous times:  “Woman is magic, man performs magic.”

What do you believe?

Magical Women of Today

Posted in 1 on September 5, 2009 by ericasodos

I received a comment on my last blog entry about an interest in modern women magicians.  In just a few days I will be attending, ‘The Sisters of Magic and Mystery’ in Las Vegas.  The workshop is hosted by Abbi Mcbride and is held at the Mcbride School of Magic.  It will be very amazing (and rare) to be around only women magicians for a few days. .. so i am looking forward to meeting some of my magic sisters. Usually when i am around other magicians I am the only female present.  When I return to Colorado from Vegas I will then attend Magic in the Rockies, which is an amazing event that I am also really excited about!  However, out of all the incredible performers who are coming to Magic in the Rockies– i am pretty sure there will not be any women lecturers or headliners.

I will write upon my return from Vegas about more women in magic but here is just a small teaser of a few of the ladies currently wowing their audiences:

Tina Lenert

Ismered -Tina Lenert

— She is known for her spectacular routine which she performs with a mop.  It is soooooooo awesome… she combines some incredible mime with some incredible magic and the result is MAGIC!



— A super skilled sensual performer known for her grace and unique expression of some of the classics of magic.

Kristen Johnson

Kristen johnson— I just found out about her because she was on the cover of the Linking Ring magazine.  She does all kinds of phenomenal escapes.  I just adore the metaphor of escape and it is really empowering to see a woman doing this branch of magic.

So here is to these ladies and all of my other

magical sisters out there!!!