Shed that Skin for 2013



Do you know why snakes shed their skin? They shed to allow for growth as well as to remove parasites. Metaphorically we too must shed our skins and get rid of what no longer serves to open and grow into our better selves.

The only way a snake is able to shed its skin is by rubbing up against what is hard and rough… sadly I have noticed our growth too is often initiated by what is painful and rough.  Right before the snake is ready to shed… it doesn’t look or feel very good.  However, after they shed the skin underneath is illuminated and fresh looking.

Are you ready to shed a layer of skin so that in 2013 you can become more vibrant, on purpose and inspired?  Why not physically and metaphorically take off your old skin?

Magical tools for shedding taken from our friend the snake:

Give yourself time and space to allow for letting go.

No matter how crabby you may get, know that you are learning, changing and growing.

Focus on the new and more empowered you!  Zoom in on what you want to create and notice how radiant you really are.

Happy New Year Shedding!


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