What is Enchantment?

Occasionally I am asked, “What is a Magical Enchantress”. Well, a Magical Enchantress is one who creates Magical Enchantment…. Okay, but what is that? I thought it would be interesting to discuss enchantment here in my blog and I do so with the hopes of inspiring in you a more enchanted life.

The dictionary defines enchantment as a feeling of great liking for something wonderful and unusual, enthrallment, fascination, captivation, a feeling of pleasure and enjoyment, a psychological state induced by a magical incantation, spell, trance, mental state or condition, being controlled by passion or the supernatural,captivation, – the state of being intensely interested (as by awe or terror).

Yes! I agree with all that and more!  So this is what I mean by enchantment— The ability to take my audiences into a trance like state where they deeply believe, perceive and experience outside of what they have previously believed, where they are suspended in another dimension and the “reality police” have no authority, to inspire and move people so they can think bigger, feel better and create that which they aspire to create, to entertain, amuse and amaze so that there is nothing else but the present moment and the potential magic that lies within it.

Is this Enchantment?

Is this Enchantment?

This is why last week when I was performing in New Mexico aka The Land of Enchantment… I did indeed feel enchanted…. I felt enchanted by the light reflecting upon the Sandia mountains at dusk… the color was surreal, trance like, I literally forgot anything but the awe at how everything looked reflected in that light, I was enchanted swimming at night under the Moon- this made me feel bigger, better, perhaps it was performing for appreciative and believing audiences or the gifts I received from new friends- all this helping me feel as if the “reality police” do not exist and anything is possible.

Is this Enchantment?

This… my friends is my magical wish for you—- As Summer continues and the Sun burns brightly may you see, feel and think completely outside of your box and find yourself in new enchanting realities that satisfy and nourish the deepest part of you!

Happy July and Let’s Get Enchanted!


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